# finalproject :


"El barrio de las Letras" ( "area of the letters"), as a project, was an intent of madrid's town hall which asked to define an urban zone that administratively did not exist giving it a differentiated visual identity ·

the idea was to distinguish it with "de las letras". the argumentation about this name are very reasonable: its historic character (e.g.. important spanish writers who lived in this area), its traditional charge
(e.g.. "El Español"), for its former (zone with various printing businesses), establishments with cultural references ("El Central", “La Fídula”, etc.),... ·

starting from a sensitive and emotional perception of the area this was the intent to represent it as a accessible space, cosy, vital and in human scale;
the human as a natural person which lives together with culture and in particular with the literal culture ·

the visual identity is not restricted to the idea of an human space but parts formally from the letters "B" and "L" (1st image) ·

this graphic suggestion is composed by four graphic lines ·

the first line (2nd image) is based on an initial idea of representing the area and the concept I had developed for it in form of an animation or filmed images, wanting to make it known, to persuade and seduce each one who does not know it yet and those ones who are willing to rediscover it. In accordance with various publicity spots, from which only one was done, you would also find postal free cards. These postcards are stamped a priori to encourage people to write again ·

the second line, the red line (3rd image), also was created to make the area known. But we would have to part from the idea that the area had been modified before with an environmental design program, which would consist in applicating red cloths in specific streets which take you from the area "entrances" to the "plaza Santa Ana;
In the meantime on the plaza Santa Ana a red space would be created through umbrellas in the same color.
This intervention converts the area visually into an organ whose vessels take you to the heart and its pulping makes it seam alive ·

Various posters were created to communicate the constructed heart. Furthermore you will find envelopes with cards and letter confetti which are also thought to encourage written communication ·

the design of the programs which announce the lectures that will take place in the area forms the third line (4th image). Corresponding to the program there is also a booklet with a CD, so you are able to read and to listen the lectures a posteriori ·

the forth and last line (5th image) is an intervention in the space. The first idea had been to create literature trees but which developed into much more abstract forms and became mobiles. Mobiles from which letters are hanging building words and sentences ·

the concept of the intervention and images as well as illustrations of trees were used to create posters anouncing the lectures (3rd line and 4th image) ·

in resumption I could say that these four lines talk about the representation, the reconstruction and the creation of spaces. Public spaces, constructed and real, interior spaces, intimate and imaginary. Space as delimitation and in the meantime as perspectives and possibilities ·